How to find PMID and DOI of a paer.

What is PMID, and what is DOI? I have just learned a little.

PMID is the serial number one paper had in the PUBMED. DOI is the address of one paper on net forever, just like the identification card of people. It won’t change with the alternations of the magzine and other things. You can find the paper always through its DOI.

Now I will show you a simple way to find PMID and DOI: first, find the paper in PUBMED; then click the butten “DISPLAY” on the top-left, choose “Medline” and “Apply”, the page will refresh atomatically; and you will see a lot of informations, you can see the PMID on the top, and you will find the “AID” on the bottom, it will show you the “DOI” or ‘PPI’.

As ‘PPI’, I’m not clear what it is, I guess it may be an another address for the paper. If I find the exact meaning of the ‘PPI’, I  will add it in the paper.

Just before graduation……

It’s time to leave shcool, which means I have to think about lots of things as an adult (I’m already an adult about the age, but on some aspects I’m still a kid, I’m afraid of the adult’s world). Job, my future, our future, the real things and also virtual things, the face things of me and parents… So many things! I hate them, but I have to face them. Now, I’m a little confused. I don’t know what I really want. I want to be an officer, but I’m not good at the exam and the interview, I have no confidence in myself. I don’t want to be a technician, but it seems I have no other choice, though its salary is very low, and the job will be hard.

What should I do ??? The things I can do now are looking for a job and to prepare the exam for the civil servant (may be not a proper word). But there is a problem. I’m really really lazy now, not a little lazy! I don’t think I can pass the exam, so I have no passion to prepare, once I have no preparation, I have no confidence, then a malignant cycle runs! How pathetic I am!

Now, I’m fragile, so please do not force me, and I will adjust my state, my emotion, my thinking and my action. I won’t disappoint all of you, just believe me, I will try my best, from now on! Thank you for your understanding.

I think most of the graduate students will feel the same way as me, so when my friends are going to graduate, I will support them in the right way, and avoid talking about some sensitive topics until I am sure that they want to talk about it.

I don’t like to put my emotion on board, all I want to do is to bring happy and positive attitude to people around me, so this may be the only chance I gave to myself to open my heart in public.

Anyway, written is written, and finally I want to thank my sweetheart, (this poor guy suffers a lot due to my short-temper ˆ–ˆ). I can’t image what kind of life it would be if you’re not here by my side. I cannot handle all these annoying things without you, so thank you very much, honey, and I will be there whenever you need me.

At the end, just wish everyone have a gelivable new year !