Sync Software: Everbox & junction

Very simple and useful synchronization software in China.

Everbox: a syn software.  Use: download the installer software, regist a user name in Shengda Process, install in your computer. You can creat a new folder, and put the files you want to be synchronizated in the folder. Any modifications you did in this folder will be synchronizated on net.

But there is a question, if you modify the original files, not the files in the new folder, the modifications cannot be synchronizated. To solve this problem, we can use “junction”.

junction: a connection software. Use: download the installer software, run “cmd”, Enter, put in the letter of the computer hard drives where junction is stored, Enter, then put in “cd +files names where junction is located”, for example “cd Program Files”, Enter. Then you can creat new files in the specified folder to connect it with the original one. For example, Put in “e:\Everbox\Papers(the new files or folders in the specified folder) f:\Work\Papers(the orginal files or folders)”, Enter.

More details go to :[丁丁博客]用junction/mklink命令实现dropbox、everbox和金山T盘等的多文件夹同步

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