Scene in the dream

It’s a rainy day, raining cats and dogs.

It’s also a school day. My poor little brother has to go to shcool. He is late and in a hurry. I help him put on the raincoat, but he doesn’t have a pair of rain shoes. The shoes he wears are very old which used to belong to my father. Once walk on the wet road in such a rainy day, his feet will be wet. I quickly pick two plastic bags and wrap the shoes to protect them from water.

Beside our house, there is a small and old bridge which is the only way to go to school. In this rainy day, it’s muddy and slippery. I’m worried about my brother, how can such a little boy walk on a so bad bridge. I watch him from back. Unfortunately, the mud is so sticky that the bags break and seperate from the shoes when he walks on the bridge. His shoes and feet are wet, but he has no choice, just walk on carefully…

When he passes the bridge safely, he turns back and waves goodbye to me, leaving me with tears on my face…

What a suffer for this poor boy!

I would do anything I can to protect him and make him happy!

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