I’m a little upset.

Usually, I would talk to my honey, but now I don’t want to bother him. He need to focus on his business. My emotion may affect him. So I need some space for myself to release the bad emotion, and this is an ideal place.

First, I should talk about my state on work. These two days I’m free and happy. There is no much work, and I can do what I want. I solved some problems which I should deal with days ago, and I have time to read some papers on NDRG4 to help my honey. Everything is good, and temporarily I like this kind of life style, I like to be free. But at the same time, I become lazy, I’m afraid to hear the bell ring and to check the email. I fear that some  annoying work would show up and break my easy life. But actually  I’m just escaping from the reality. This is my job!!! I don’t hate this job, I just lack of the ability to adjust my state in time, and lack of  passion!!!

Now, let’s talk about why I’m upset. It’s a job thing. I did something wrong, I shouldn’t give them the materials, I made the things complicated. I should admit this mistake and find some way to solve problem. But I didn’t realize it at the first time, and tried to avoid being blamed. Now, this problem becomes a big one. My boss blame me for making the thing so complicated, and I hate myself too. I made a mistake again!!! I’m upset and afraid that I would leave a bad impression on my boss’s mind.

This is exactly my problem! I couldn’t let the  things go, no matter the things on work or in life. But what happened has happened, I can do nothing to change it, my upset would only make me unhappy. Besides, everyone make mistakes. So just let it go, learn something from the mistake then forget it!

Learn, Forget,  Happy and Move on!